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Treatment for by female Sexologist Painful Intercourse and Vaginal Dryness in women

Female Frigidity or Low Sexual Drive in Women

Sex is a natural wave, that attributes texture, glitter, and serenity to the ocean of life.

In this worldly scenario, with great stress, depression, physical and mental pains, the male and female can forget all these and immerse in the pool of happiness, if sexual bondage is hefty.

Through it, they will gain the emotional affection, with which they will surmount the worldly tussles, physical turmoil, and mental agonies.

If there is anything substantial, that drags away the pleasure of conjugal mating, it is the low sexual fervor or low libido of the partners. Several physical, psychological and clinical reasons can be cited for males and females, which are different in nature.

Here, we are discussing some points regarding the low libido of women.

The term, Frigidity is vastly related to low libido in women.

But, a multitude wrongly interpreted the term frigidity as a ‘no feeling state of women’.

There is no such state called no feelings, instead, it is the low sexual drive. The low sexual drive has stemmed from suppressed feelings or scattered sexual drive, which is due to many factors and stages of life.

The main factors or causes are physical causes and psychological causes.

Physical Causes

  • Sexual problems: During sexual intercourse, if pain repeats and feels difficulty in orgasm, you may lose the flair for sexual performance.

  • Medical diseases: Apart from sexual disorders, diseases like arthritis, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and chronic heart and neuro diseases can restrict the natural sexual flow of women.

  • Certain medications: Some medications prescribed by doctors like antidepressants lower sexual fervor to a great extent.

  • Surgery: Breast or genital tract surgery can affect body image and sexual function which impedes the sexual taste.

  • Concern for dear and near plus fatigue: Over concern and exhaustion from caring for young children and parents plus fatigue from illness or surgery are two genuine causes that intimidate sex drive.

  • Obesity: Obesity is inversely proportional to sexual drive. It affects smooth movements and easy sexual encounters.


  • Alcoholic nature puts your sexual drive in check.

  • Smoking decreases blood flow to the vaginal part, which may numb sexual arousal.

  • Hormone changes: Hormone changes are key factors, that can impede the sex drive, especially for women.

  • Menopause: During the transition time to menopause, estrogen levels drop and women experience vaginal dryness resulting in painful or uncomfortable sex. This will offer them a lesser aptitude for sex. During this transition time, there may be a lag in performing sex, also.

  • Pregnancy period and breastfeeding: During pregnancy, after giving birth, and during breastfeeding, hormone changes occur and will impair the libido. Concern for the baby, changes in body image, and fatigue, also will contribute to it.

Psychological Causes

Psychological causes have a virulent impact on the sexual fervor of a woman. They are:

  • Anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems.
  • Distorted thinking of a poor body image
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Stress like financial stress or work stress.
  • Previous negative sexual experiences.
  • Past sexual or physical abuse.

Relationship Issues

Emotional bonding with the partner is very much needed for a high sexual interaction for women. If any crack occurs on that or any problem enters the relationship, the female may slowly succumb to a low sex drive. This low libido may be the result of:

  • Lack of proper rapport with the male partner
  • Unsolved issues or conflicts
  • Poor communication with the partner, especially for sexual needs.
  • Breakage in trust

Remedies for Female Frigidity

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Remedies for this low sex drive in women start from the bed.

If there are any distortions in the relationship between the partners, open up, communicate and address the issue.

Flush out the needs of the male partner, especially sexual needs.

Regain trust and bondage.

Lifestyle changes must be enforced by limiting alcohol, quitting smoking, and reducing body weight.

Regular aerobic workouts and exercises must be done, along with having a balanced diet plan.  

Unani Treatment for Female Frigidity

The first part of the reasons behind low libido can be mended in this pattern. The second part consists of sexual and medical causes, hormone causes, and psychological causes, that must be addressed and repaired by a qualified sexologist cum counselor.

The search for such a qualified team of sexologists and counselors culminates in Dr. Roy’s Medical Hall, the powerhouse of Unani sexual treatment.

Consult the Female Sexologist Doctors

Hailed as the most academically brilliant panel of doctors, who with the stringent execution of Unani knowhow and up-to-date scientific infrastructure tracks back you to sexual rejuvenation.

The low libido in women will be diagnosed from the root cause and treatment will be initiated in the most customized style. Pathological tests and detailed consultations will be envisaged.

The physical, sexual, and medical reasons will be taken up and 100%herbal medications with zero side effects will be administered to each, which too customized.

The psychological causes will be eliminated by sterling counseling classes, which boost the sexual taste and drive and eliminate unwanted inhibitions and unnecessary concerns.

The profound knowledge of the Unani system of medicine, handed over from the forefathers, is effectively clubbed with new wave medical practices, which equip us to uplift you to the world of pure sex, and sex only.

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