Male-Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

How does Diabetes Affect a Man Sexually?

Diabetes is a chronic ailment occurring to human beings due to increased glucose levels. It is happening because of the inability of the pancreas to produce sufficient insulin. But how are diabetes and sexual dysfunction linked? Which is the Best Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes? Read more:
Mainly diabetes can be of two types:
  • Type 1: The reluctance of the pancreas to produce insulin due to the loss of beta cells creates Type 1 diabetes. It usually commences at the early stage of childhood, but it can traverse to adulthood, in some cases.

  • Type 2: On the other hand, Type 2 diabetes develops in adulthood and in obese children. The main causes related to Type 2 diabetes are obesity, overeating and lack of exercise, and predominantly a sedentary way of life. As this way of life proceeds, it becomes instrumental in developing insulin resistance, which ultimately succumbs to a lack of insulin production. 
Unchecked or untreated diabetes can give to serious health problems and calamities like heart attack, kidney failure, nonhealing of wounds, stroke, brain damage, irregular metabolism, etc.
Under the supervision of a doctor, diabetes can be well controlled by a proper healthy diet plan, exercises, and medication by diabetic pills or insulin. 

Diabetes and Low Sex Drive

On searching the possible reasons for low sexual drive or sexual disorders, experts come across various reasons, of which chronic diseases have a prominent place. Among them, diabetes holds a special status.

  • It has a consequential effect on the sexual life of a male or female.
  • It negatively affects the erection. 
  • It promotes premature ejaculation.
  • The testosterone levels also get impacted by the high diabetic state. 

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is the inability of males to have proper erections to provide strong strokes which are needed to last long till the sexual fulfillment, during sexual intercourse.

But a man who has been struck with Type 2 diabetes may have diabetic neuropathy, which causes serious damage to the nerves and blood vessels and leads to erectile dysfunction.

The nerve and blood vessel damage causes a reduced blood flow to the penis, which is very much lethal to a strong erection. It starts with pain, numbness, and an ill feeling covering up the genitals which culminates in Erectile Dysfunction.

It hinders orgasm and makes it difficult for sexual stimulation.

The serious health conditions linked with diabetes, like high blood pressure, obesity, and heart disease, all will contribute to the formation of Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction can be diagnosed in men with diabetes at an earlier stage than in men without diabetes. 

Early discovery of Erectile Dysfunction can be a precedent of knowing him as a diabetic patient. 

Diabetes and Premature Ejaculation 

During sexual intercourse, if the male ejaculates way before he and his partner attain sexual fulfillment and it is happening frequently, he has been caught up with Premature Ejaculation.
Even if he attempts for a second time, that too ends up in failure, causing him and his partner frustration and sorrow.
In diabetes patients, because of the nerve damage, a panic state covers up the nerves which ultimately causes Premature Ejaculation.
Another condition that needs to be discussed with Premature Ejaculation, is Retrograde ejaculation, which can also be caused by Type 2 diabetes.
In this case, during sexual intercourse, semen is ejaculated into the bladder, instead of out of the penis. Retrograde Ejaculation occurs by the damage affected to the nerves to the sphincter muscles due to the high levels of glucose. 

Diabetes and Testosterone levels 

Diabetes has a serious negative effect on Testosterone levels, which decide the action and quality of sexual intercourse and fulfillment.
When you are keeping the glucose levels abnormally high, the pituitary gland fails to produce the normal quantity of luteinizing hormone or LH, which stimulates the production of testosterone in the testicle.
Along with it, some medications to cure diabetes also have an adverse effect on testosterone levels. 
Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes

Diabetes and Female Sex life

Because of the reduced blood flow to the genitals, diabetes cause sexual issues like vaginal dryness in women. Additionally, it gives rise to vaginal infection, inflammations, and urinary tract infections.
Moreover, women who are taking insulin are affected by not reaching the orgasm more, than women with no diabetes.  

How to overcome diabetes, thereby improving Sexual health?

Checking, controlling, and containing diabetes is the only solution to overcoming diabetes.

  • Regular workouts
  • Doing aerobic exercises
  • leaving a sedentary lifestyle
  • keeping a diabetic diet plan
  • above all administration of medicines or insulin prescribed by the doctor will keep your diabetics between the permissible limits.

When the sugar level comes under control, it will have a positive impact on sexual life. But after all these measures, if the sexual disorders continue tormenting you, please do consult a qualified sexologist 

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes

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Stress-induced Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

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