Male-Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

High Blood Pressure Can Affect your Sex Life!

Hypertension can ruin your sexual health! We have customized Erectile Dysfunction and Hypertension medication, that can save you from Erectile Dysfunction, Low libido, and low testosterone levels caused by hypertension.

High blood pressure is one of the triaxial body conditions happening to human beings, specifically in the modern age. Along with diabetes and high cholesterol, high blood pressure stands as a life destructive force, if left uncontrolled.

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition where the force of blood against the artery wall is too high. The reasons behind hypertension are unknown.

But several factors can be referred to as acting as possible stimulants to occur this. They are sluggish lifestyle, obesity, heavy alcohol intake, smoking, lack of physical activity, etc.

These factors contribute to the irregular blood flow through the arteries, causing hypertension.

Like cholesterol and diabetes, hypertension creates great havoc on health conditions. It is very much influential in developing heart diseases, kidney failure, stroke, brain hemorrhage, etc.

High Blood Pressure and Sexual life

Sexual life is bliss! It endows us with mental and physical satisfaction. Only when both partners are physically satiated, we can only spell that act as sexual fulfillment. If either male or female shows a low libido or inability to get sexually aroused, there may be a physical or psychological reason behind it. If it is a physical one, one or another underlying chronic ailment may be a potential reason. High blood pressure is such a physical condition that hurts the sexual life. It can cause low libido and Erectile Dysfunction. 

High Blood Pressure and Erectile Dysfunction

During sexual intercourse, the male needs a proper penile erection to exercise strong strokes which last throughout, resulting in sexual fulfillment. He is unable to attain and maintain it, and if it is repeated often, he may have been struck with Erectile Dysfunction.

When a man is sexually aroused, the blood gushes to the penile area prompting him to have a perfect, lasting erection. In Erectile Dysfunction cases, the blood will be shattered and he will not get a proper erection.

Hypertension can be one possible reason for it. The explanation for it is this. Blood circulation regularity is very much important for penile health. When hypertension induces a change in blood flow, it affects the blood gushing to the penis, which is going to erect. The blood vessels cannot manage the blood flow, resulting in Erectile Dysfunction.

If it is recurring, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) will precipitate low libido and poor sexual activity. In addition to it, a variation in blood flow results in an imbalance of hormones. This may again be another reason for low libido and sex drop.

Hypertension and Testosterone levels

Like type, 2 diabetes, hypertension is also linked with testosterone levels. High blood pressure has a serious reverse effect on the level of testosterone. 

A man with hypertension will have a low testosterone level, primarily because of :

  • Unhealthy Eating Habits
  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Smoking and Drinking
  • Blood Pressure Medications
The most important factor is the medication used to regularize high blood pressure. These medicines cast a long-lasting vicious attack on the testosterone levels, which inevitably leads to Erectile Dysfunction and low libido

How to surpass poor Sexual Drive induced by Hypertension?

To overcome it, first of all, get an in-depth diagnosis, to know whether hypertension is the cause of low libido. If so, keep the high blood pressure within the permissible limits. For that, a reorientation of lifestyle is needed.

  • Leave the sedentary way of life by being active
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet with a very low quantity of salt
  • Do workouts and aerobic exercises
  • Quit smoking and drinking

These are the golden tips to reduce and keep high blood pressure under check. Sexual life naturally blooms again, if high blood pressure is curtailed. But, still, there is no change in the sexual flavor and still, the erection issue is holding on, consult an experienced and professional sexologist.

Erectile Dysfunction and Hypertension Medication

Umpteen ads for sexologists are frequented in newspapers, channels, and social media, but who do we contact for Erectile Dysfunction and Hypertension medication?

Thousand and thousands of happy and loyal clients recommend you, one name. Dr. Roy’s Medical Hall, the illustrious Unani clinical syndicate, who blossomed on the inherited Unani know-how from the forlorn era of great Hakims, along with technically and clinically proven expertise, is the asylum for perfect sexual wellness treatment seekers.

We categorically analyze each aspect behind each sexual dysfunction and treat it from its roots. Once detected hypertension as the cause of erectile dysfunction and low libido, we give specialized treatment by prescribing herbal medicines, derived from rare combinations in the texts. The panel of doctors with futuristic infrastructure gives this customized medicinal treatment along with counseling classes to overcome the psychological tussle happening to low sexual drive.

As the medicinal administration progresses, visible change in the enhancement of sexual libido is felt and as the course gets completed a complete plunge into conjugal pleasure is attained with a rejuvenated body and psyche.

Consult Senior Veteran Unani Doctor

Over 500,000 patients have been successfully treated in the last 35 years alone…

Erectile dysfunction is very common… 52% of men aged 30 to 65 have some degree of erectile dysfunction… It can affect men of all ages.

Premature ejaculation is very common. Recent studies show that three out of ten sexually active men are affected by this problem.

Our doctor’s goal is to achieve a long-term effect that focuses on a curative approach through short-term treatments that address the condition rather than treating the symptoms with lifelong use of medication.

Stress-induced Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Dr. Roy Medical Hall, Since 1960

The highly skilled doctors at Dr. Roy Medical Hall provide the most effective treatment, counseling with the splendid properties of Unani and Ayurvedic medicines for sexual difficulties caused by chronic stress, obesity, smoking, regular alcohol consumption, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, indigestion, weak metabolism, excessive masturbation, and lack of exercise.

Our medications are made with proficient knowledge and the latest scientific technology to regularise the blood circulation in penile nerves and also to increase testosterone count to the desired level without any side effects and in turn, take the sexual desire to infinite heights.