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smoking and alcohol affect sex

Smoking and Alcohol can affect your Sex Life!

Smoking and alcohol consumption is injurious to health. In a day itself, we come across this warning post multiple times. In newspapers, in TV channels, on social media, in cinema halls, in restaurants, we are warned again and again. Are smoking and drinking these destructive? Will smoking and alcohol affect sex life? Yes, they are two deadly habits, human beings who care for physical and mental health should refrain from.

Smoking and drinking can cause serious health issues like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, liver cirrhosis, lung diseases, and more. As per records, more and more youth are getting addicted to these two evil habits, which is causing a great matter of concern.

Smoking and Sexual life

Along with the above-said health issues, smoking has a malicious and dreadful effect on sexual life.

Sex needs a natural flow of emotions and actions. It needs proper mental stimulation and erection. The erection needs to be long-lasting until it culminates in sexual fulfillment.

Smoking hampers this smooth flow of action, thereby placing the lives of partners in sorrow and distress.

Smoking and Testosterone levels

The testosterone levels decides the smooth progression of sex.

Smoking has a dangerous effect on testosterone levels.

Smoking increases the carbon dioxide level in the human body which reduces the production of testosterone.

This in turn leads to Erectile Dysfunction and low sexual drive.

Direct linkage between Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction

A male needs a proper erection that can provide strong strokes which last till the sexual fulfillment or orgasm. If he fails to attain and maintain it, and it is frequently repeating, he must have been struck with Erectile Dysfunction.

During sexual arousal,  blood flows heavily to the penile area for a strong erection. But nicotine content in cigarettes causes the blood vessels to narrow, resulting in the blood flow being reduced. This affects erection and sexual engagement.

Moreover, the chemicals in cigarettes cause inflammation and stickiness in blood vessels resulting in the formation of cholesterol-like plaques on the artery walls. This again diminishes the oxygen-rich blood flow.

If the arteries carrying blood to the heart are affected, it will cause angina or heart attack and if the arteries to the penis are affected, it will cause erectile dysfunction.

That’s why doctors comment that a man having erectile dysfunction can have the possibility of an early heart attack.

Smoking and Female Sex life

When blood flows to the genitals, the chemicals generated by smoking in the blood create danger by delaying the female orgasm during sexual intercourse.

A great problem, smoking evokes, is related to fertility. The chemicals in cigarettes can cause great destruction to ovarian functioning in women, and semen production in men.

Alcohol and Sexual life

Apart from the destruction alcohol causes to the organs and the general health condition, it also delivers a virulent attack on the sexual life of humans.

Even though alcohol drinking boosts the sexual desire and confidence with partners, when he comes to bed, it becomes a different story. 

The alcoholic man fails to get sexual stimulation at the right time because alcohol interferes with the brain signals to the genitals for sexual arousal. Moreover, after heavy drinking, males find it hard to ejaculate or ejaculate very quickly.

The high amount of alcohol consumed for a long period causes the testes and penis to shrink, making sexual activity difficult. 

In addition, alcoholic nature rubs off your inhibition in sex prompting you to have unprotected sex and invites Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD).

Impact of Alcohol on Sexual Health

Large consumption of alcohol makes it difficult for the male to have a proper erection, strong enough, and lasts till the sexual fulfillment.

This is because alcohol interferes with the brain messengers who give signals to fill blood in the penis.

Along with it, alcoholism reduces the production of testosterone which leads to Erectile Dysfunction. 

The low testosterone levels give rise to low libido and low sexual drive.

smoking and alcohol affect sex

How to overcome the negative impact caused by Smoking and Alcohol consumption?

The most welcome move to overcome this state is a positive quitting of smoking and drinking.

At first, it seems very difficult, but through self-motivation and exhaustive counseling classes, one can surmount this influence of smoking and alcohol consumption.

If the low libido is caused by these two habits, by quitting, you can return to your sexual life with bliss.

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